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We are prepared to make your next event the ultimate experience!. Please let us know what you need via the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • I'm thinking about going the DIY route, can I still hire you for day-of services?
    We do not offer day-of or month-of coordination, only full service wedding planning & we'll tell you why - We want to know your preferences, dreams, visions, personality, and goals from the very beginning of the wedding planning process, eliminating a-lot of back and forth. We pride ourselves on being bridal besties with our couples due to the relationship that we've formed during their journey. Having a wedding planner also makes the process much more streamlined because you already went over expectations months before, leaving room for any last-minute details. We know one of the main attractions for hiring a day-of coordinator is their price point, but because of the obstacles day-of coordinators face, be weary of anyone claiming that they can achieve everything a planner can do in just a few short days.
  • Will I still have control of my event if I hire you as a planner?
    Absolutely! We don't move without you, literally. We will do as much, or as little, as you want us to do during the planning process, as long as it doesn't affect the overall outcome of the event. We always ask you what you want and make our suggestions from there.
  • Everything looks great, but can I afford this?
    Yes! The average couple (without a wedding planner) spends over 300 hours planning their wedding. Much of that time is spent looking for vendors and then meeting with one after the other until you find the perfect one. As wedding planners, we have already done the homework and have formed relationships with quality vendors. By getting to know you, we can then direct you to one or two vendors that match your personality as well as your budget. This service alone will save you many hours. You can then use those hours to work (make more money) or spend time with your fiance and family. Plus, we are often able to find vendors or venues that couples have never even heard of. An additional perk: We always pass on our vendor discounts to you. We have vendors who offer discounts on cake, photography, favors, gifts, and more.
  • I'm sold, what's the next step?
    Great question! Once you've completed the contact form, we will respond within 24 hours with a link to schedule our first meeting and an event questionnaire to get a few key details to make the conversation more efficient. Once we find that we are a good fit for each other, you will pay a deposit, sign the contract, and we will start planning your fabulous event!
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